Other products

Yme Kuiper also has other products in its range, such as olive oil, sugars, salt, gluten and grain flakes. A selection of our range of raw materials for bakeries is given below.

Flour, grain and decoration

Wheat broken, crushed, (malt) flakes, grains, gluten, meal.
Oats fine/coarse flakes+ cream.
Rye crushed, flakes.
Spelt flakes, fine, coarse, meal, flour.
Barley flakes, flour.
Rice flakes, flour.
Maize meal, fine, coarse, puffed.
Buckwheat husked, groats, flakes

Biological products

Sesame seeds unshelled, shelled.
Poppy seeds blue.
Barley-wheat flakes, rye flakes, oat flakes

Sunflower seeds
Buckwheat groats
Linseeds brown and golden.
Pumpkin seeds SS A+, GWS A
Raisins optionally washed/soaked.
Currants optionally washed/soaked.


Pepper black, ground.
Cinnamon ground.
Oregano chopped

Other bakery products

Olive oil extra virgin (5 litre and 1,000 litre IBC).
Olives black, green, chopped.
Sun-dried tomatoes pieces/chopped.
Onions slices/chopped, baked

We have expert knowledge of bakery products, which we are happy to share with you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific wishes