Dried fruits, nuts and seeds

Yme Kuiper, since 1859

Yme Kuiper dried fruit, nuts & seeds – our business, our passion

Yme Kuiper dried fruit, nuts & seeds in Heerenveen is one of the largest players in the field of purchasing, processing and selling dried tropical fruits, nuts and seeds. The company was established in 1859 and has a long history in the baking sector. Yme Kuiper also has other types of products, such as olive oil, sugars and grain flakes.
Yme Kuiper places great importance on reliability, excellent quality, competitive prices and good old-fashioned service.
Food safety in the production process is an important topic for the company. It is for good reason that Yme Kuiper was one of the first companies to be permitted access to Riskplaza, the ingredients databases for the bakery chain.

Raisins from all parts of the world. Currants from Greece, South Africa and Australia. Chopped apricots and figs from Turkey and sweetened cranberries from America. Yme Kuiper only selects the best quality.

Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts, macadamias and pecan nuts, Yme Kuiper selects them and imports them. And we also process them ourselves. It is also possible to have nuts mixed with fruit and/or seeds.

Yme Kuiper’s wide range of seeds is in line with the increased demand for healthy food. The seeds are available in various volumes, from 5-kg bags to bulk bags.

Food safety and quality are key